How a government shutdown impacts real estate and housing

Loan approvals and mortgages could be delayed, but experts think the housing market would bounce back. With a dispute in the Senate over the immigration program DACA still unresolved, the government shutdown continues for a third day on Monday morning after Congress’s...

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Facebook launches massive push into real estate listings

New feature also “rolling out gradually” for home sales Zillow. Trulia. Redfin. All household names in the real estate listings world, right? Well, those companies now have some serious competition from a company that boasts an audience that dwarfs all of...

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What does your title company do?

The very simple answer is that your title company searches and reviews the property history, addresses the “discoveries” and tackles the “problems” that the search and review process may reveal. Any “simple” answer and description is just that — simple. Actually, the...

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A Brief History of Title Insurance

In early recorded history, rights to land were established by occupancy. Wandering communities foraged the land and fought each other for control. Not until the Agricultural Revolution was land considered to have intrinsic value, due to the crops it could yield, that...

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Disappearing bankruptcies could start new wave of homebuying

Credit scores hit record high This year marks the seventh year since the influx in bankruptcy declarations in 2010, therefore millions of Americans will see bankruptcies begin to fall off their credit report. Over the next five years, about 6 million Americans will...

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